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Greenfingers Hamilton Kids Marathon

Healthy kids and a healthy environment are two things that seem pretty important to us. It was a nice fit for Greenfingers to become the Hamilton Kids Marathon and Spot Prize Sponsor. This annual event is organised in association with the Hamilton Half Marathon but has a timetable and structure that is quite special.

The event offers a unique opportunity for kids between 5 - 18 years old to enjoy the achievable challenge of taking part in the Greenfingers Environmental Kids Marathon … one kilometre at a time!

Event Director Lyn Harris explains:

“The aim is to run the first 40km of a full marathon distance in the two months leading up to the Half Marathon, for example running one kilometre almost every day, then on event day complete the final 2.195km on the actual half marathon course.”

Kids who enter will on race day receive a race pack that includes a t-shirt and on crossing the finish line – and have logged their 40km beforehand – a special medal. Achievement certificates will be available for downloading online.

Later in the year, children of all ages will be invited to start their training programmes and start logging their kilometres.

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